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A short presentation of AIAT activities
AIAT - Association of Environmental and Planning Engineers, is a no-profit organisation established in 1999 to represent graduated and students in Environmental Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. Then, in 2009, the representation has been extended at a national level.

AIAT's main objective is the promotion of the role of the environmental engineer, a professional capable of tackling complex environmental issues with an integrated approach.
With this objective in mind, many activities are carried out to raise the public awareness: a quarterly newsletter is distributed to about 1000 external contacts (e.g. Academic world, Public Administrations, Professionals, Companies etc.); AIAT and its representatives take part in many thematic exhibitions, conferences and congresses; the articles and papers are published in relevant technical magazines.
Since 2003, AIAT is a member of EFAEP, and collaborated with it at the development of ENEP - European Network of Environmental Professionals, a web-portal collecting thousands of profiles of European environmental professionals.

A second objective of AIAT, equally important, is to foster the exchange of information among the members, about 600 and active in many fields of expertise: pollution remediation and soil protection, energy management, climate changes, waste management, environmental monitoring, Environmental Management Systems, transports planning and many more.
The main tool developed to pursue this objective is an extremely efficient mailing list, that also circulates more than 100 job offers per year.
Furthermore, AIAT website (www.ingegneriambientali.it), counting more than 9000 visits per month, publishes news on meetings, conferences, courses, job offers; useful documents such as legislative texts, presentations, papers, etc; a dedicated search engine, CercAmbiente, storing more than 400 thematic links.

AIAT is funded only by the fees paid by its members. The Supporting members in particular, consisting in about 30 engineering companies, research centres and Public Administrations, receive through AIAT support in recruiting personnel with targeted researches and collaborate with the Association in the organisation of thematic conferences, courses and exhibitions related to the Environmental Engineering.

AIAT è la migliore piattaforma per chi cerca e per chi offre lavoro per i professionisti dell'ambiente